Our Providers

At Western New York Urology Associates, we bring together physicians who specialize in different areas, including urology, radiation oncology, and urologic pathology. Our specialists have trained at some of the top medical centers in the world.

All of our doctors are members of the American Urological Association and attend courses to stay up-to-date. Many of our staff also hold faculty positions at the State University of New York at Buffalo and are board-certified.

Northtown Providers:

  • Philip J. Aliotta, M.D., MSHA, FACS, CPI
  • Kevin J. Barlog, M.D.
  • Mark D. Chazen, M.D.
  • K. Kent Chevli, M.D.
  • Abeer Eddib, M.D.
  • Richard N. Gilbert, M.D.
  • Joseph M. Greco, M.D.
  • John V. Pinski, M.D.
  • Brian D. Rambarran, M.D.
  • John M. Roehmholdt, M.D.
  • John M. Rutkowski, M.D.
  • Christopher J. Skomra, M.D.
  • Datta G. Wagle, M.D., F.A.C.S.
  • Brian C. Crotzer, RPA-C
  • Jaime L. Fetes, RPA-C
  • Emily A. Levandusky, RPA-C
  • Kelly L. Manganello, RPA-C
  • Daniel Reed, PA-C
  • Karen A. Stevenson, ANP
  • Amy J. Walter, PT, DPT

Southtown Providers:

  • Louis Baumann, M.D.
  • Mark J. Doerr, M.D.
  • Christopher Kopp, M.D.
  • Carlo M. Perfetto, M.D.
  • Anthony R. Ricottone, M.D.
  • Phillip J. Seereiter, Jr., M.D.
  • Shannon M. Bunch, RPA-C
  • Lisa Domagala, RPA-C
  • James P. Rew, RPA-C
  • Peter Coggiola, NP

Jamestown and Northern Pennsylvania Providers:

  • Ichabod Jung, M.D.
  • Peter J. Walter, M.D.
  • Ryan G. White, M.D.
  • Jill A. Muntz, FNP
  • Lisa A. Raymond, FNP-BC
  • Kimberly J. Sasso, FNP

Urologic Pathologists:

  • William A. Geary, M.D., PhD
  • John E. Schrecengost, M.D.

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